Wedding Cakes

Anniversary Cakes

Birthday Cakes

Cakes are the most important item on a menu when you are throwing a party at office, home or any place. Nothing brings smile on a persons face quicker than a delicious looking and even tasty cake. We are proud to present the best and freshly baked cakes for all occasions. From a wide variety of flavors to even more varied designs we can land perfect on your expectations. Every occasion deserves have a  different setup and with different setup decorations are different so should be the cakes. So we have as you can see in the menu above three categories of cakes.

  1. Wedding cakes
  2. Anniversary cakes
  3. Birthday cakes

We can amend the design and flavors of the cakes to some extent according to the customer need unless it doesn’t effect the structure or quality of the cake. 

Some Of Our Recent Roll outs